From Cradle To Crave

In the last decade I have seen a huge pendulum swing in my interests and hobbies. One that I never could have anticipated or even knew existed. From a hyperactive, fun loving social butterfly to a curious, introverted obsessive. The former led me to a desire to travel which subsequently led me to the latter.

Yet both ends of this intriguing spectrum actually boil down to an underlying behaviour which is my issue with authority and control. Ask any of my ex-girlfriends, I can be difficult to get along with, especially if I feel that someone is attempting to exert power over me in some way. I batten down the hatches and shut myself off completely. No one is getting anywhere near me.  Continue reading “From Cradle To Crave”

An Attitude Toward Gratitude

They say “ignorance is bliss”. I’m inclined to agree with them. Whoever ‘they’ are, they were certainly very wise. If I was given the opportunity to go back to my ignorant self, I am still at that point in my journey where I would be rather tempted. Though I can’t actually believe that I am saying that. And that is largely, if not all, down to a lack of gratitude and appreciation for the journey I find myself on.

Part of me really envies my old life whereby I only cared about the weekend, football and girls. Life was so simple back then. I would work Monday to Friday and then have fun Saturday and play football on Sunday. It was a time in my life that I also quite often took for granted. A longstanding habit I am really trying to kick right now.  Continue reading “An Attitude Toward Gratitude”

Battling Nihilism

Back when I was in sixth form I developed a bug for going out. It was a new and exciting time that gave me my first glimpse of adult life. Of course, this had to be balanced out by getting a job which could fund my social endeavours. My very first job was McDonalds which was a whole lot of fun and then I started working at the local Asda which was easier to get to.

There were vastly more people working at Asda so I got to meet all sorts of people which led to more nights out socialising. It also meant more opinions, ideas and thought processes that I was exposed to. One in particular was that of credit cards. (I’m going somewhere with this). Continue reading “Battling Nihilism”

The Attention Detention

I spent virtually all of my childhood staring into space and day dreaming about all kinds of stuff. It was only when playing sport that I was present and focused because that was competition time. I was someone that just had to win at everything I did. If I didn’t score the most goals or win the most races I felt as though I wasn’t good enough. Sport was my outlet for external validation.

In my adulthood I seem to have carried on that same desire for external validation, only this time I have applied it to a career perspective. When I hear people talk about great pioneers of the world and the super elite, I feel as though because I don’t match up to the same level of success that I am still not good enough. It has always really bothered me that I am not talked about in that same manner. Continue reading “The Attention Detention”

So Near, Yet So Far…

Among my group of mates we have a tradition of booking what we call ‘Secret Holidays’. The idea is simple; one person books flights and accommodation and the rest all find out the destination when we arrive at the airport. It has thrown up some interesting places and the one I have us all booked for in October is somewhere the others wouldn’t even have heard of. Should be interesting.

This will be our eighth excursion under this format and I’m looking forward to seeing their little faces light up upon the revelation. I only hope that this trip lives up to laugh fests that we have encountered previously. I’m sure it will.

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The Dark Side of Money

Back when I was 15 I was approaching the last few days at school and I was given a heads up by my mum that a limo was coming to pick me up and take me in. Given that I feared embarrassment of any nature I thanked her for the warning and got out the door quick to take a different route to school by foot.

Back when I was 16 I began a long love affair with boozy nights out followed by donner kebabs, dodgy taxis and an attempt at womanising. That last one took a while to get off the ground. Of course, I also became quite accustomed to the ‘day after the night before’ feeling and a hearty serving of the good old English fry-up.

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