Why Is The Fitness Industry So Judgemental?

I have just begun writing my second book titled ‘Personal Trainer 2.0’. The idea behind it is to help other Personal Trainers avoid the so very many mistakes that I have made in my time in the Health and Fitness industry.

In my humble opinion, the biggest mistake we as Personal Trainers make is having a lack of self worth. The irony is that I believe a lack of self worth is the catalyst for illness and disease. Some may shoot me down in flames for that statement but it is what I believe to be true.

Having educated over four hundred of the UK’s Personal Trainers, what highlights this the most is when they ask me what they should charge when they first start out. This is then followed by them suggesting lower than average rates and even the idea of free sessions to entice people in.

After a while I found these conversations to be very frustrating because I felt this approach would make a mockery of my industry. In my view, no one will value a cheap or free service therefore, realistically, the results will be virtually non existent and Personal Training is dealt yet another blow.

However, I knew that I needed to tame my ego. Reason being is because I was once in their shoes. I was haggled on my prices, convinced to give a few free introductory sessions and lacked belief in my ability to provide a great service.

The result was that I had to deliver so many sessions in order to make a living. I was up at the crack of dawn and getting in really late of an evening, scoffing some food before going to bed and starting all over again. The epitome of good health I hear you say!

Truth be told, I hated it. Every minute of it. The people were great but I was just constantly exhausted. I felt like I was doing them a disservice. Part of me thinks that every new Personal Trainer needs to go through and experience this for themselves. Yet another part of me thinks otherwise.

Churning out session after session I soon realised that my day was nothing more than a conveyor belt. Client after client after client. I just didn’t have the time to provide as much love and care for them as I would have wished.

Before writing my first book ‘Bulletproof Entrepreneur’, I was told to write it for someone in particular. A client, a friend, a family member as examples. I decided to write it for myself. It is a reminder for me to keep a work/life balance, keep myself healthy as well as my clients and ensure I have a lot of fun in my life.

The trouble with sending out messages to the world that are actually meant for myself made me come across as a bit of a judgmental prick. I am of course referring to all those ‘motivational’ phrases that you see my industry throw around left, right and centre.

Criticising people for having excuses not to train, or for being overweight. You get the idea. I was sharing those quotes for myself. As a reminder to me that I need to keep going. That I can have no excuses and that there is no gain without pain.

Striving for success appears to be hard. Although it really doesn’t have to be. This is something that I tell myself continuously. We are programmed and conditioned to believe that success eludes us unless we work our fingers to the bone. To sacrifice things and be dedicated and driven.

For me this is only partly true. I agree that being dedicated and driven are two key components of success but if something inspires you, are you really working? Can it be considered as work? Is it your calling perhaps? Your life’s purpose?

What inspires me the most is to reform an industry that sends out the wrong message. The amount of in-fighting I witness on a daily basis is shocking. It is as if we cannot criticise a peer quick enough. This person is wrong. That person doesn’t know anything. It is counter-productive.

Resentment, anger and hatred are the catalysts for poor health. Therefore if I go around sending out those feelings to others then who am I to advise someone on how to get healthier? I am just a hypocrite in that case.

Having spent the last 18 months undergoing some transformational life coaching, I discovered so much about myself. All my fears, my limiting beliefs, my confidence issues. I also discovered where they stemmed from and began the process of reconditioning my thought process.

We can criticise someone all day long for having excuses or for being overweight but until we learn the underlying reasons as to why then we serve no use to them in my opinion. People don’t need a kick up the arse, they need to feel loved. They need help in learning all they can about themselves in order to make any changes they feel they may want to.

Love is the top trump. It dissolves anger, hatred, illness, disease and anything else that negatively impacts our wellbeing. It is my hope that the health and fitness industry starts to see this fundamental component when interacting with others.

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