I Gave Up Spirituality; It Caused Me Too Much Stress!

Firstly I want to discuss the title of this post. It is modelled on the title of a book that Dr John Demartini had been working on called ‘I Gave Up Happiness; It Made Me Too Sad’. I enjoy the irony of it and so I wanted to take that concept and write about my perspective. For the last 4-5 years I have been waxing lyrical about Demartini and his work. I may have jumped the shark a little. 

In the midst of working 60-80 hour weeks and still struggling financially I turned to a life coach to try to figure out where I was going wrong. Tony Selimi is a fantastic coach and has worked with Demartini for a few years now. He is very intuitive and experienced and the level of awareness I developed under his tutelage was far greater than I ever expected. However, I found myself running away with some of the spiritual aspects that he would talk about sometimes. Impatience 1, Paul 0.  Continue reading “I Gave Up Spirituality; It Caused Me Too Much Stress!”

The Compare Scare

In recent years there has been a movement called Minimalism, despite what seems to be ever growing amounts of consumption in the world. This philosophy has really resonated with me and I have been embracing it like nothing else. I am pretty ruthless when it comes to physical objects. Get rid, thats what I say.

Having run out of things to throw away (yes, really!) I started to take a closer look at my time and see what I could eliminate from that. Turns out, quite a lot, in fact. More than I thought because I often don’t pay attention well enough to what I’m apparently paying attention to. I love my learning which is a staple of every day, yet, I was still filling my time with nonsense.  Continue reading “The Compare Scare”


In the spring of last year I read a book called Stuffocation. It was one of those books that you pick up from time to time that truly inspires you. I had always been somewhat into minimalism, I just didn’t know that it was an actual thing. A movement that had guidelines and even rules in some circles of the minimalist community.

This was one of those moments where I was truly inspired to take action because it just felt so right. Ridding myself of material possessions that I had no use for and attached little to no value kept making me feel freer and freer each time. It became a drug to have a clear out and de-clutter. I just felt that the less I could have in the material world may help me to pay closer attention to the garbage I have stored in my mind, and when discovered could also be thrown away.  Continue reading “Duped”

Playing Catch Up

Not much changes in two years. In fact, does much even change in ten years? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the situation and circumstances, of course. Phoning home to friends whilst I was in Australia and being told to stay out there as long as possible, purely because nothing had changed, seem logical. Why would it have changed anyway? Nothing changes much in the physical reality. It is us as people that change.

I changed. A lot. I went from a fun loving party animal to an isolated and anxious individual. It wasn’t that the UK was bleak, it was that my outlook was. I promised myself that I would find a career that I would enjoy and give it my all. All the while still expecting it to just be handed on a plate as I went along.  Continue reading “Playing Catch Up”

Dividing The Equation

Back in 2005 I exercised, for the very first time, my right to vote. It is one of those privileges afforded to me living in a democratic country that I have all too often taken for granted. I didn’t really know what I was doing or why I was voting aside from the fact that my Grandmother had been a long running member of the Labour Party and so it just seemed the logical thing to put my vote that way.

During the 2010 General Election I was in Australia and didn’t feel as though it was important enough to me at the time. Moving on to the 2015 election and my vote for Labour was this time based on Ed Miliband’s promise to improve the standard of Adult Education which was of high importance to me given that that has been my area of work in recent years.  Continue reading “Dividing The Equation”

The Man A Ground Down

Lately I have been focusing a lot more on gratitude. It has been a big buzz word floating around my psyche for a very long time now, I just haven’t been able to get to grips with it. It is easy to list out things to be grateful for and understand it intellectually. What isn’t so easy is to understand it emotionally. To really feel grateful.

In the midst of a stressful work life back in 2013 I was introduced to Spirituality by my then coach Tony Selimi. It was a real eye opening experience for me because Tony helped me to see possibilities that included a rich and abundant life. I was smitten. The Secret, What The Bleep, I was hooked and there seemed like no going back.  Continue reading “The Man A Ground Down”